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Build your truly evidence-based practice by Intentionally drawing on different types of knowledge (client-centred, clinical, research)

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Upper limb neurology is just plain tricky, isn't it?

Although it IS A CHALLENGING AREA in which to develop the knowledge, skills, and clinical decision-making for competent practice, research indicates that it ABSOLUTELY CAN BE ACHIEVED (Colclough et al 2014).

And is just the place for building your clinical competency and expertise based on:

  • a structured clinical reasoning framework

  • that organises theoretical, research and clinically-acquired knowledge

  • for individualised, client-centred intervention

All in a safe, online space within a passionate and encouraging community!

Have a look around and decide whether this community is for you :)


Upper Limb Neuro Rehab:

Complex, Multifaceted and Challenging



Professional education and mentoring that explicitly and judiciously integrates clinical expertise with the best available clinical evidence from systematic research



Grow neuro clinicians who are confident that they have the expertise to enhance function for their clients with even the most complex upper limb problems



Foster a respectful community of practice that supports professional curiosity and courage, ongoing learning, and transformations in practice

Do YOU Want to Grow Your

Neuro Upper Limb

Confidence and Expertise?

Are you keen to learn more about clinically-relevant topics such as:

  • Differentiating spasticity from dystonia?

  • Whether to persist with using stretch?

  • The best intervention for post-stroke shoulder pain?

  • How long to continue treating the flaccid arm and hand?

  • How to best manage the chronic upper limb in the community?

  • Inhibitive, serial and positioning casting?

  • How to use the Modified Tardieu and the Modified Ashworth?

  • How to predict functional outcomes for your clients?

  • And that burning question about resting splints: Should I or Shouldn't I??

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Plan and implement truly evidence-based, client-centred intervention using the
Hypertonicity Intervention Planning Model


  • 12-month Membership

  • Kathy in your pocket 24/7 (Private Messenger Group)

  • Evidence-based Decision-Making Guide (Copley & Kuipers 2014)

  • 1:1 Mentoring On-Demand

  • Monthly Small-Group Mentoring

  • Client Consultancy

  • Shoulder, Hand and Thumb Assessment

  • Practical Splinting and Casting Support

  • Member's Resource Library (with lots of freebies)

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What others are saying ...


I learned skills that I'll be able to use at work ON MONDAY! Review of research and applications / implications for practice very, very helpful

Splinting Workshop, 2016


You are really approachable, and when this was combined with your level of expertise, it made a course where I felt like I've got very tangible skills and value for money

Casting Workshop, 2018


[Kathy] has a relaxed style, friendly and personable. Very interactive, encouraged questions, and discussion of clinical cases

Botulinum-toxin Workshop, 2018


I'm so glad someone finally realised how important it is for OTs to know more about shoulders! Can't thank you enough :)

Shoulder Workshop, 2019


I really appreciated the quality of your sources. Your presentation was very evidently up to date, and based on current, high quality research. I also appreciated how you were able to summarise information simply, and then apply it to clinical practice

Dystonia Webinar, 2020


Kathy, I wholeheartedly recommend you, and this style of education, to anyone. Your expertise, approachability and flexibility in tailoring the information to our context and needs meant we left with learnings directly related to our practice

Small Group Mentoring, 2021


'Ditching the Overwhelm' sounds FANTASTIC! What are the benefits??

Learn HOW TO THINK LIKE AN EXPERT! Research suggests that experts quickly 'size up' situations and make decisions based on situation-specific knowledge, experience and formal learning. But! length of career doesn't necessarily equal "expert"! Using a structured decision-making guide (such as the Hypertonicity Intervention Planning Model) supports systematic assessment, intervention choice and evaluation. In turn, this consistency supports the development of expertise.

NEVER FEAR ANOTHER SPECIALIST APPOINTMENT! Develop practical skills in assessment for decision-making relevant to upper limb retraining, splinting, casting, Botulinum-toxin injections and surgery.

Learn HOW TO CONFIDENTLY CRITIQUE CLINICAL RESEARCH and decide when and how to translate the findings to your practice.

Become THE GO TO PERSON in your workplace for everything from dystonia to post-stroke shoulder pain to functional electrical stimulation and the most complex upper limb presentations!

Build SAFE, SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS with peers in your small mentoring group. And get answers to any tricky questions whenever you need them.

KATHY IN YOUR POCKET 24/7 via Messenger App WHEREVER YOU ARE (in your car, in a client's home ...)

What's NOT to love?!

What's included in the 12-month Membership? And what's the cost?

FOUR INDIVIDUAL MENTORING Sessions (you can even bring your clients!)


Hypertonicity Intervention Planning Model (HIPM) TRAINING MODULES

15% DISCOUNT on other purchases, including Membership Renewals


All that adds up to more than $2,800 AUD (about $1,850 USD) value!

with two payment options:

MONTHLY: $166 AUD (about $110 USD) per month. 

Total cost $1,992 AUD or about $1,320 USD. 

Cancel anytime ($30 AUD/about $21 USD admin fee).

ANNUAL: $1,826 AUD (about $1,200 USD).

So you get ONE MONTH FREE!

Do I have to book a Free 30-Minute Chat before joining?


But I don't want you to to have buyer's remorse! I set this time aside so that you can get to know me a bit and decide whether is a good fit for you.

The FREE 30-Minute Chat DOES NOT INCLUDE advice or consultancy on individual client interventions.

If after the chat you decide NOT to proceed with mentoring or supervision sessions, there will be NOTHING TO PAY.

And no hard feelings!

What do "Clinical Support and Mentoring" include?

By CLINICAL SUPPORT, I mean problem-solving about real client situations that you may have on your caseload - helping you to identify underlying impairments and decide on the best course of action to improve your client's upper limb function.

MENTORING is usually oriented around particular tasks. It's typically about the mentor (me) strengthening, challenging and supporting the client (you) in an area of practice or theory that you want to explore or become more proficient in.

For example, you might ask me to explain how to apply a treatment technique such as casting. Or we might talk about a learning plan to deepen your knowledge about a particular intervention strategy.

But really, we can make our sessions whatever we want them to be, as long as they're concerned with my area of expertise, upper limb neurology.

(Just to be clear - clinical support, mentoring and professional development sessions at are skill-, competency- and expertise-based, rather than focused on personal growth in a counseling, or career-building, sense. I am not a career development expert!)

How do I use my Individual Mentoring Sessions?

Individual Mentoring Sessions are best used for discussing particular topics or interventions that you are interested in, or that you want to talk about in a safe, confidential environment.

They are also great for discussing a case without the client being present to get some ideas on the sorts of intervention or long-term programming that might be appropriate. You can bring photos or videos (with client consent), or even your client!

Another way to use these sessions is for Building Your Own Clinical Practice. I have experience in running a successful private practice offering therapy, splinting, casting and (in partnership with Rehabilitation Physicians and Neurologists), Botulinum-toxin injection clinics.

How do the Monthly Mentoring Groups work?

Participants in the Monthly Mentoring Groups remain consistent as much as possible, with a maximum of 8 members. And if you miss a session, there's always the replay.

Monthly sessions can be accessed two ways:

(1) Included in 'Ditch the Overwhelm' Membership,

(2) or via the stand-alone Mentoring-for-a-Year Program ($660 AUD, about $425 USD). Only $55 AUD, about $35 USD per month.

If you join Mentoring-for-a-Year and LOVE IT, UPGRADE to 'Ditch the Overwhelm' Membership, and receive credit for what you've already paid.

Looking for a Discerning, Considerate Community?

Neuro Upper Limb

The Neuro Upper Limb Facebook Community is a closed, private group, making it a secure and welcoming space to share clinical questions, tips, successes and resources

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